Maya: “love” in Nepali


How can the community at Rochester Refugee Sewing and Repair work together to provide flexible, well-paid work that takes full advantage of the unique blend of cultures and skills available to us?

By making premium, one-of-a-kind upcycled scrunchies, of course!

Our sewers do more than just craft beautiful accessories. They’re involved in each step of the process, according to their interests - from sorting upcycled fabric stock, to selecting colors and designs, to marketing and sales. Our community is a vibrant patchwork of cultures, personalities and skillsets that work together to create something completely unique - just like every scrunchie sewn at our shop.

All the women at RRSR bring their culture and their skills into their work; their stories have shaped this joint adventure from the very beginning. So when we needed a name for both our loveable new shopcat and our first product, Kitimaya was a perfect fit.